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"I had a small leak in my roof which turned into a big problem. The crew that was sent over was fast, professional, and I was completely satisfied with their work. Highly recommended!"

Charles P.
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"I had 2 feet of water in my basement after a huge rainfall. The sewers and drains couldn't keep up and the water was pouring in. I was referred to these guys by a friend and I'm so glad I called them. They arrived within an hour and worked with my insurance company."

Meghan K.
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Mold Removal

The development of mold often catches people off guard. It can always be traced back to some form of moisture accumulation or flooding. Each project we complete is unique but we frequently trace back the source of the moisture to leaky roofs, damaged pipes, and backed up sewers or drains. If the moisture isn't removed in a timely manner it will begin to accumulate and create the ideal environment for the growth of mold spores.
If you are like most people we work with you've likely encountered a news story or two regarding the dangers that exist with mold exposure. A number of health concerns have been attributed to long term mold exposure including headaches, asthma attacks, respiratory problems, fatigue, and allergic reactions. If your home has mold it is vital that you hire a professional mold remediation company so that you can eliminate your problem.

Hire The Mold Remediation Pros

Our team of mold remediation experts will take time to root out the source of your mold infestation. We'll devise a plan to eliminate your mold problem and send those spores packing. The Shelby Township Restoration Services are committed to being the experts in our field and we invest heavily in equipment and technology. This assures that we have the best tools to tackle any situation. In order to determine the type and amount of mold present we will carry out several tests. The Shelby Township Restoration Pros have an experienced team of trained professionals ready to solve your mold problem. If you live in the Shelby Township, MI or Greater Detroit area we are the first mold cleanup company you should call. After a brief phone call we will deploy our experts to assess the problem and its severity. Whether you have already discovered a mold problem or simply have a suspicion we've got you covered! Mold problems need to be dealt with right away to stop the issue before it spreads. Don't put it off for another day. Call now (586) 930-4151.
Our #1 Goal Is To Isolate the Mold and Prevent Contamination
When we come out to your home or business our first priority will be to isolate the mold. By isolating the mold we will be able to reduce the likelihood of it spreading any further. Our team will conduct a comprehensive inspection including moisture readings, mold spore testing, as well as a visual check. We will act quickly to identify the level of mold concentration as well as the types present. After reviewing our findings we'll formulate a plan to eliminate the mold.

The Process of Mold Removal

Mold spores are most likely to be stirred up and go airborne during the removal stage. In order to prevent this from happening you need to hire a professional mold company like us. A variety of containment procedures will be used to prevent further contamination. One example is the use of negative air chambers to create a physical barrier and negative air pressure to prevent the spread of spores. It is also standard procedure to turn off fans and heating and cooling systems. We advise the use of HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums. HEPA vacuums ensure that all affected materials have been properly dried and decontaminated. HEPA vacuums are unique in that they have specialized filters capable of catching miniscule mold particles that would typically pass directly through a normal filter. The amount of mold found as well as the type(s) will determine the exact mold remediation process that we undertake. Antifungal and antimicrobial agents are commonly used to eliminate existing mold colonies while preventing future ones. Depending on the severity of the problem it may be necessary to remove and dispose of items like flooring and drywall. Our team of professionals are dedicated to restoring your property back to its original state prior to the mold infestation. We will thoroughly clean and sanitize your property and belongings. There are a variety of tools and equipment that we have at our disposal to complete your mold remediation to your complete satisfaction. It may be necessary to use professional fogging equipment to deodorize your property and to remove odors effectively. We will begin restoring your property once this stage is complete. During the mold removal process we may have to remove and dispose of items like flooring, drywall, and other building materials. We will do our best to minimize the damage and cost of restoring your property.

Health Risks With Mold Exposure

Mold spores have the ability to grow and spread both indoors and out. They thrive in environments that are warm, damp, and humid. Any moist area in your home or business has the potential to harbor mold. The most common health consequence of mold exposure is an allergic reaction.

Typical allergic reactions include:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Respiratory distress
  • Wheezing
  • Rash
  • Watery eyes
  • Itch eyes
  • Runny eyes
  • Runny nose


Mold contamination has also been associated with more severe health risks including:

  • Breathlessness
  • Ear inflammation
  • Bleeding lungs
  • Memory loss
  • Pain and swelling in the joints

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