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Charles P.

"I had a small leak in my roof which turned into a big problem. The crew that was sent over was fast, professional, and I was completely satisfied with their work. Highly recommended!"

Charles P.
5 Stars (Excellent)
Meghan K.

"I had 2 feet of water in my basement after a huge rainfall. The sewers and drains couldn't keep up and the water was pouring in. I was referred to these guys by a friend and I'm so glad I called them. They arrived within an hour and worked with my insurance company."

Meghan K.
5 Stars (Excellent)

Fire Damage? We've Got You Covered!
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Call The Fire Damage & Smoke Damage Pros

According to the US Fire Administration there are more than 350,000 residential fires every year. If you are like most people you probably thought that it would never happen to you, until it did! All of us learned the power of fire at an early age. It is one of the most powerful elements in nature. Within minutes a fire can destroy a home or business along with everything inside. When a fire breaks out in your home or business it will often lead to unexpected damages. After the fire has been extinguished you will likely encounter significant smoke damage as well as water damage due to the firefighting operations. If you have been the victim of a fire this is certainly not news to you. At the Shelby Township Restoration Pros our goal is to help guide you through this difficult event and to help save as much of your property and personal belongings as possible. In order to prevent additional losses you need to act as quickly as possible after a fire. The 24 hours preceding a fire are the most critical. During this time you will want to contact a restoration company like ours to help guide you through the process. We are experts at these specific scenarios and we are eager to provide assistance. After a brief consultation we will advise you to contact your insurance company to begin the process of submitting a claim. It is likely that your home or business insurance policy will provide coverage for the damages.

What To Do After A Fire?

  • Contact utility companies to have electric, gas, and water services turned off
  • You may also want to contact your phone, cable, and internet provider
  • Reach out to a local restoration company like ours
  • Reach out to your insurance provider to file a claim

We're The Company To Call For Water & Smoke Damage

Experiencing fire or smoke damage at your home or place of business can be a traumatic event. The prospect of fixing what has been damaged may seem like a monumental task. Without knowing where to turn for help it is easy to get discouraged and confused. That is why the Shelby Township Restoration Pros are here to help! In the process of extinguishing a fire there are often a variety of substances used. The most common include water, foam, and also gaseous extinguishers. These products do a great job of putting out a fire, but they leave behind a new mess that must be cleaned properly.

Damage After A Fire

The smoke caused by a fire has the ability to quickly spread and permeate everything it comes into contact with. Smoke damage can often cause a bigger problem than the initial fire itself. The soot, ash, and smoke caused by a fire will quickly make their way into the air and throughout your property. These particles have the ability to attach to your property with ease. For this reason cleaning up smoke and fire damage can be quite the undertaking.

Fire and Smoke Odors

Unfortunately, the damage caused by smoke and fire isn't always visible to the naked eye. With that being said, you are sure to discover it with your sense of smell! Long after the fire is gone, the stench will still remain without proper cleanup. Our crews have special cleanup equipment specifically designed to purge your property and belongings of the odor left behind. Our disinfectant tools and thermo-foggers allow us to get into those hard to reach places that would otherwise be missed. The process of removing odor is an essential step in the restoration process and it must be done effectively to prevent ongoing problems. The Shelby Township Restoration Pros will conduct a proper cleanup and a thorough deodorizing to eliminate the issue altogether. Our team specializes in fire and smoke damage and we can help you return your property and your life back to normal. Our professional technicians have extensive experience in their field and help people in your exact situation on a daily basis.

Why Work With Us?

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After a fire you are likely feeling vulnerable and a bit overwhelmed. Our team will take the time to answer your questions and to make sure you understand our game plan to restore your property. Our professionals understand the process of restoring a home after a fire inside and out. This includes a complete comprehension of permits and inspections that are required in the Shelby Township and Greater Detroit area.

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